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Grabie Metallic Watercolor Paint Set

Grabie Metallic Watercolor Paint Set

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Brand: Grabie

Color: Metallic Watercolors


  • 40 SHIMMERING COLORS TO LUMINATE YOUR IDEA: Experience the enchantment of Grabie's metallic watercolor paint set, boasting a dazzling palette of 40 shimmering shades inspired by pure skylines, lush forests, and serene seashores. Allow these vibrant colors to invigorate your creative projects, infusing them with a captivating and revitalizing array of hues, bringing your artistry to life.
  • SELECTED MATERIAL FOR CERTAIN QUALITY: Grabie metallic watercolor set performs good extensibility, tinting strength, and working properties. These paints are made from premium pigments that are perfectly milled, bright, rich, soluble, easy to blend and sheen. Make your masterpiece more attractive through our shimmering kit!
  • 100% HANDCRAFTED WITH METICULOUS PRECISION: Every set is meticulously crafted by skilled pigment artisans who bring years of experience to a meticulous series of processes. These processes encompass everything from the careful selection of premium materials to the precise grinding and blending, resulting in a creation that embodies the essence of craftsmanship, quality, and artistry.
  • STURDY AND MULTIPURPOSE STORAGE TIN PACKAGE: This versatile metallic watercolor set empowers you to paint anywhere, with its spacious tin case that securely holds your painting accessories and includes a dedicated palette area, allowing your creativity the freedom to soar unrestricted and your inspiration to flow boundlessly.
  • PATIENCE BRINGS BETTER EXPRESSION: Elevate your creative expression with our upgraded watercolors! Infused with abundant shimmering powder, these pigments unveil their full potential with a touch of patience. Allow the water to dance on the color blocks for about 5 seconds, ensuring a seamless blend of metallic textures. Dive in, and experience the smooth, silky flow of brilliance beneath your brush—your masterpiece awaits!

Details: Enjoy the pinnacle of artistic expression with the Grabie 40 Metallic Watercolor Set. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality, this set is a testament to the pursuit of artistic excellence.
Our selection of materials is a testament to our commitment to quality. We've chosen premium pigments that undergo a precise milling process, resulting in paints that exhibit exceptional extensibility, tinting strength, and working properties. The colors are not only vibrant and rich but also highly soluble, allowing you to effortlessly blend and layer them to achieve the desired effects. The shimmering sheen that these paints impart to your artwork is simply mesmerizing.
With 40 exquisite shades to choose from, your creative possibilities are virtually limitless. Each color in this set is a testament to our dedication to providing artists with the finest tools to bring their visions to life.
It's time to create masterpieces that not only capture the eye but also the heart. Make your artwork shine with the Grabie 40 Metallic Watercolor Set.

EAN: 7750289252524

Package Dimensions: 8.8 x 4.6 x 1.1 inches

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