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Grabie Watercolor Paint Set

Grabie Watercolor Paint Set

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Brand: Grabie

Color: Ultimate Watercolors


  • A COMPLETE SET FOR ANYONE WHO LOVES ART - Embark on a creative journey with Grabie's 168-color Watercolor Set, designed to fill your life with vibrant hues and endless artistic possibilities. This perfect set caters to artists of all levels, providing a wide range of vibrant shades alongside convenient tools to spark your imagination. At Grabie, we believe that everyone has an inner artist waiting to be unleashed. Start creating, get inspired by the beauty of everyday moments, and nurture your creativity with our comprehensive set
  • VIBRANT STREAM TO UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVE POTENTIAL - Grabie’s new 168 watercolor set includes a premium selection of watercolors that allow you to create unlimited color in your artwork. The rich palette of colors can help to create more subtle shades. All colors are made with high-quality pigments that are evenly mixed in balanced mediums to ensure smooth, controlled washes every time. This set also includes 84 regular colors, 48 metallic colors, 12 fluorescent colors and 24 macaron colors that allow you to bring any creative idea to life, perfect for any use such as design work, still-life painting, cartooning, or mixed media. It's the most ideal creative companion for artists at all levels
  • ENDLESS DELIGHT WITH HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS - Grabie uses high-quality pigments to possess the ability of being able to create subtle hues whether it’s a wet-on-wet or wet-on-dry painting technique with good transparency, bringing your artwork an ethereal quality that goes beyond the ordinary. The abundance of fine-grained pigments allows you to achieve smooth, controlled watercolor results every time with vibrancy. The finely milled process ensures colors will not crack. You can create an endless range of colors with these specially formulated acid-free, easy-to-blend, rich, and bright watercolors
  • HANDY TOOLS TO SPREAD YOUR CREATIVITY - This set not only includes a special selection of watercolors but also provides you with professional tools to kick-start your art journey. Our set includes a coloring book with 10 sheets of pre-made lineworks cotton paper, designed to provide a relaxing and entertaining experience for both beginners and professional artists.We also select three versatile water brushes to eliminate the need of separate water containers. Additionally, we also provide a soft sponge, a drawing pencil with a sharpener which may help you enjoy your art journey
  • YOUR ON-THE-GO ART STUDIO - If you're planning to take your art supplies to a studio or want to do some crafting while traveling, this watercolor pan set with brushes can help you avoid the hassle of carrying too many scattered art tools around. The metal pan sorts and protects all the colors within it, making this set terrific for travel, ease your worry about damaging your colors. These practical watercolors are also versatile to work with other drawing materials. Experiment with different possibilities yourself and discover what works best for you

model number: BAS240100111

Part Number: GRE022

EAN: 7733014462054

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